Women in Tech York

Is it too late to change career?

I am here to provide proof that it isn’t and in fact can be a huge advantage for you. After over 10 years of policing working my way up to a training position for the police national training college I decided to give myself a new challenge and try the world of tech. I knew the kind of role I wanted to do, believed I could do well and made the leap. I took a small step first into government, I understood public sector well after all. Here I realised that I had a raft of skills, knowledge and experience I hadn’t considered transferable, but looking back they so clearly were. Who knew Crime Scenes and tech had so much in common!

More adventurous this time. After 2 years I had done three roles with agility as the key component and I decided I would push myself to the dark side of the private sector. I became a consultant whose role was more aligned to that of a Project Manager. This was my biggest fail, whilst I could do the role, and do it well, it bored me, and I realised I had made a huge mistake. Luckily another role came up and I moved to a private company who was trying to put agility at the heart of what it did.

So, no matter what role you are currently in, tech or not, if you fancy a change you can most certainly do it. More importantly you will no doubt have transferable knowledge, experience and skills. These, most likely, will make you unique and will be a great advantage to you and whoever is lucky enough for you to move to. Want to take a leap, but still unsure – feel free to reach out and talk it over.