Women in Tech York

One year being an Ambassador

Seems like yesterday that I was walking up the stairs in Revolution and enjoying WIT’s 1st year birthday party. After that I was intrigued in what WIT stood for and I wanted to be part of the amazing, friendly environment that was before me.

I can say without a doubt, my confidence in myself and in what I do has grown in the year that I have been part of WIT and I wanted to do more. I asked if I could help in anyway during the events, and this was when I became a WIT ambassador.

My first event as an ambassador was July 2019. I remember feeling really nervous and thinking I don’t know what I need to, but the group of ambassadors were friendly and supportive of each other. The job I had that night was to stand outside with another ambassador and then direct people to the room where the WIT event was being held. After that I mingled with people who had arrived and were laughing and talking to each other. It was amazing to find out there was so many different people there from different backgrounds and different careers. I remember seeing a couple of people walking up the stairs looking very lost, I knew that’s I how I felt on my first event. As the events progressed over the months, I got more involved with things and going round talking to people and even taking charge of the Twitter page ☺

The events that we have had over the years have been amazing, and I can’t wait for the next events. Some of the events have changed my views on many things, like stating your view at work and even having the confidence to ask for something you believe you should have e.g. job title (which I am currently working towards). WIT has helped me come out of bubble, to be a more confident person.

I remember one event and one of the guys that was doing a small workshop was doing a talk one on one about questions and way that you can handle what you wanted to ask. We started to talk and I told him about me not being confident in myself or in what I did, I always self-doubted myself. He was very surprised and he said that the way I came across, I was a very confident person, but he gave me some advice on how to become more of myself.

I love being an ambassador for WIT, getting involved in the amazing events and meeting some incredible people. I want to thank WIT for letting me be a part of something amazing.

If you would like to be an ambassador and join the amazing team, please drop one of us a message and can’t wait to see you all at the upcoming events.

Women in Tech York Ambassadors